Jaguars Prowl the World

Second Annual Jaguars Prowl the World is Coming

This year marks our second annual Jaguars Prowl the World event designed by our Jefferson Equity Team and staff. Our Equity Team is responsible for ensuring the achievement of our district Equity Mission:

We are committed to equitable access to an inclusive and rigorous learning experience and outcome that honors each student’s race, culture, socioeconomic status, language, ability, gender, and sexual orientation, resulting in engaged citizens and leaders of the future.

The purpose for this evening is to showcase our school community, celebrate what makes us different and similar, and better understand how we are connected to each other and the rest of the world.

Every student will have a project on display because each grade level has a project they are completing during the school days leading up to this event.

Families Needed to Present at the Event

Our strength as a Jefferson community comes from the connections we can make to each other’s experiences. Our students will gain so much by seeing and experiencing the diversity that is all around us.

If you speak a different language, celebrate traditions based on your country of origin, or have lived in an area of the world that has provided you with experiences that you would be interested in sharing, please consider hosting a table at our event.

You could…

  • Share games or traditional toys
  • Share a language lesson – or show students how to write their name in a different language
  • Share a craft project that is representative of your background
  • Share a holiday story or traditions
  • Display musical instruments
  • Display traditional fabric or clothing
  • Or an idea all your own

We need your help to make Jaguars Prowl the World a success. Please consider volunteering to host a table to share your experiences with the whole Jefferson community.

Last year we had tables showcasing life in Thailand, Taiwan, Switzerland, Palestine, New Zealand, Jordan, India, The Gambia, Chile, Bhutan, Australia, and Austria. Even if you hosted a table last year, we would love to have you do it again.

Click the button below to sign up for a table. Join us for this fun Jaguar celebration!