2019-20 School Supplies & NEW Daily School Schedule

School Supplies

Students are NOT required to purchase school supplies for the 2019-20 school year.

All general classroom supplies (e.g. pencils, glue, crayons) have been funded by our district and purchased in bulk.

Students may purchase the following personal items, but they are NOT required:

  • Backpack large enough to carry papers and books – no backpacks with wheels please
  • Lunch Bag/Box – we encourage re-usable if you are bringing lunch from home
  • Water bottle – Straw or Pull Top preferred to minimize spills
  • Closed-toe shoes – suitable for PE & recess
  • Lightweight water resistant jacket for recess on rainy days

Please be sure to label personal student supplies. 

Please contact the office for confidential assistance with personal student supplies or if you have any questions, 541-757-4760.

NEW Daily School Schedule


Breakfast is available for students in the cafeteria/gym each morning at 7:30 am until the 7:55 am bell to go to class.

Daily Schedule At-A-Glance

The morning start time change will facilitate all classes starting the day together in a morning meeting and ensures that the instructional day is consistent for all elementary students in the Corvallis School District.

School Doors Open7:30 am
School Buses Arrive7:30 - 7:50 am
Breakfast Available in Gym/Cafeteria7:30 - 7:55 am
Students Walk to Class7:55 am
School Day Ends Monday-Thursday2:30 pm
School Day Ends on Friday1:30 pm