For Parents

General Information
School Day

8:15 am – 2:40 pm (Mondays – Thursdays)

8:15 am – 1:40 pm (Fridays)

Daily Schedule

Please call by 8:15 am each day your child is absent or tardy so the office staff know where s/he is. Students checking in late must sign in at the office.

Emergency, Illness, or Early School Closure
The office staff will use your child’s Registration Card to telephone you or the emergency contact person, either at home or at work. Please be sure to notify the office with any changes to address, phone numbers, or emergency contacts.

Please dress your child for changeable weather. The students go outside every day. Coats, hats, hoods, or umbrellas are encouraged to be used on the playground for rainy days. Put a change of clothes in your child’s backpack if they tend to get wet at school. Students without appropriate outerwear must stay under cover during recess.

School Safety
District Emergency Information

Flash Alert – Sign-Up For Notice of School Closures

School Bus Snow Routes

509J Emergency Response

Busing and Transportation

Click here to view the new 2017-18 bus routes, then register your child to ride the bus.

Any questions? Contact First Student at 541-752-0174.

Student Transportation Website

Join the Listserv
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Join the Jefferson/JPAT ListServ to receive announcements about JPAT, school, and community events and happenings. The Jag-wire Newsletter comes out on the first Friday of each month and is distributed via the ListServ and via hard copy to families who are not subscribed to the email list.

Smarter Balance 2018 Schedule for Parents Is Being Finalized