Tech Club

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Blockly Games
7 games to learn foundational coding skills in the blockly language. This is a great place to start.
Made with Code
13 cool projects to see how blockly works! Use variables, coordinate planes, and repeat blocks to make monsters, dresses, and music.
Hour of Code program and other learning courses. This is where the Frozen, Angry Birds, and other Disney coding games are!
Open-source website to make and remix projects, games, and animations. Really big and cool! Don’t forget to click the blue “See Inside” button to see the code.

Other Coding Languages

Khan Academy
Earn points, badges, and avatars while practicing computer science skills.
Turtle Academy
Free site to learn the classic Logo language, an introductory coding language perfect for beginners. Use the turtle to draw geometric or free-style art!
Learn HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and others with great step-by-step lessons. There are also faster projects to complete.