Primary Grades Research Sites


National and International Animal Sites

The San Diego Zoo

Smithsonian Institution National Zoo

Canadian Museum of Nature – South American Animals page


African Wildlife Foundation – On the right side under wildlife gallery, click on the down arrow to choose an African animal. Information about physical characteristics, habitat, behavior, diet, predators and threats, and did you know?

National Geographic for Kids

Animal Planet – Wild Animals

Oregon Sites

The Oregon Zoo

High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon Explorer – Wildlife

Animal Totem Project Sites

Animal Totems – Animals

Manataka American Indian Council

Animal Tribe Site – Click on Animal Safari A to Z


The Official Check List of Oregon Birds– 484 species of birds

United States Geological Survey [Bird Identification] – Start on the ‘quick finder‘.

Oregon Birds

Enchanted Learning – Birds

Cornell Lab of Ornithology – Feeder Watch Program